Cats Webring: About
About the Cats Webring.

     There are a few basic rules to become a part of this webring:

1)  You page must mention the *musical* CATS.  Pages which are only about the animal are not for this ring.

2) No impolite comments about the musical!  No CATS bashing.  Parody sites, which are done in good fun, are welcome.

3) Please only submit sites that are family safe.  We'll not strictly inforce this policy, but we'll be keeping an eye. No porn.

4) You must include the webring code on you page in good working order.  You MUST use the number got when you registered.

5) Your code must not be more than 5 links away from the URL your link is connected to.

Suggestions to make the ring better:
1) When/if you change your URL REMEMBER to update the ring code!

2) You may edit the html for your ring code.  Diversity is nice.  You can use your own image.  The only three things required are a link back to us, NEXT, PREVIOUS, and LIST functions of the ring.

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