Cats Webring: Kuro
All About your Ringmaster

    In Japanese Kuro means black, the name is taken from the famous novel, "Wagahai ha Neko de Aru" by Natsume Soseki.

     Kuro first experienced Cats when his mother bought the soundtrack from a local record store.  She wanted it for the song Memory, but got a whole lot more.  A few years later Kuro saw the show on tour on a Highschool Drama fieldtrip.  He saw the video when it came out on PBS and fell in love with it again. Kuro bought the video and a few soundtracks and whatever stuff he could find on the net.

     Kuro will eventually have a regular website.  Until then you can have fun with the ring. =^..^=

"Snow is just falling now
             White cat on the ridge of roof
                   Is apprehensive about a roar"

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