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Welcome to the new homepage of the Cats Webring.

     This ring is under new managment. Kuro took over for PacRat because she was too busy to manage the ring.  Kuro would like to thank her for creating this ring and all of her help in moving this ring and for giving him the opportunity to take on this venutre.  Kuro has updated the ring. He went through it from start to finish weeding out those sites which are no longer there or for some reason do not allow users to the next page in the ring.  Kuro has also added the heap of sites which have backed up in the queue.

     General site requirements are under about, to edit your site entry use the edit link, to become part of our webring use the join link, to contact the ring master use the mail link, and to know a little about the ringmaster click on his name.


Please fill in you information for the information in blue!

If it's not done properly you site may move to the queue!

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This <a href="" target = "_top">CATS Webring</a> site owned by the Jellicle known as <a href="mailto:YOUR MAIL ADDY HERE">YOUR NAME HERE</a>.

<br>If you are a fan of CATS, the musical, join the ring!<br>

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This CATS Webring site owned by the Jellicle known as Kuro.
If you are a fan of CATS, the musical, join the ring!
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